Lime Hollow Nature Center
Peaceful Pond at Lime Hollow

Trails at Lime Hollow

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Trails are open dawn until dusk every day, free of charge, and trail maps can be found at the kiosk by the Visitor Center.

Trailhead parking can be found at 5 locations (parking is marked on Trail Map)

  • 3077 Gracie Road, Cortland NY: Upper Tunison Lab Parking Lot
  • 3220 Gracie Road, Cortland NY: Phillips Memorial Trail to Chicago Bog Parking Lot
  • 3270 Gracie Road, Cortland NY: Lehigh Valley Trail Parking Lot (Dog Friendly)
  • 338 McLean Road, Cortland NY: Lime Hollow Visitor Center (Maps and Kiosk)
  • 791 North Lamont, Cortland NY: Lamont Circle Park (Lehigh Valley Trail Access Point)

Lehigh Valley Trail

Lehigh Valley Trail, also known as the Cortland County Linear Park, is an abandoned railroad bed that runs from Lamont Circle Community Park to the Tompkins-Cortland County border. This diverse, all-seasonal, recreational trail network, measures 2.5 miles in length. The extent of this former railroad corridor is key, as it not only runs directly through Lime Hollow's property but links roughly 1,000 residents of the Lamont Circle subdivision, SUNY Cortland West Campus students, College Suites off-campus apartments, and (in the near future) the approximately 1,000 employees of Byrne Dairy's new yogurt plant and agri-tourism farm — all to our Nature Preserve.

Dog Friendly TrailThe land adjacent to the Linear Park Trail includes several marl ponds and an old saw mill. These marl ponds offer an excellent view of waterfowl in the area and hold historic significance to the lime industry in Cortland County during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The old saw mill, now owned by Lime Hollow, provides a look into Cortland County’s logging and milling history and is the birthplace of Cortland’s Bestway Lumber, Inc. In the fall of 2014, however, this is the site on which we will open Lime Hollow's new, net-zero energy Environmental Education Center!

This trail is open to hikers, joggers, cross-country skiers, and nature enthusiasts. Dogs are also welcome on the 1.1 mile section from Gracie Road to the Lamont Circle Community Park.

See our full Pet Policy.

Accessibility at Lime Hollow

Trail for All

Lime Hollow offers a natural-surface, wheelchair-accessible "Trail For All" that leaves directly from our Visitor Center and continues to various scenic overlooks of nearby Gracie Pond.

The trail includes two bridges and an observation platform on our Beaver Tail Trail. In the summer of 2008, the Dryden Rotary Club built a 20’ x 20’ wetland viewing platform overlooking Gracie Pond that is also wheelchair accessible.

Additionally, we offer a trail-ready wheelchair at no cost for those in need.

Ski/Snowshoe Trails

Cortland residents often find themselves looking for things to do in our area during the long winter months. Here at Lime Hollow Center, we encourage you to come stretch your legs and relax your mind on our new cross-country ski and snowshoe trails.

Lime Hollow offers several sets of (adult) cross-country skis and (adult and child) snowshoes for rent, to use on our well-marked ski trail: a 2.25-mile loop, rated easy to moderate, which starts and finishes at our visitor center, and meanders through gently rolling hills, open fields, pine forests, and nearby ponds and streams.

Nordic Winter Center Hours

Weekday Hours: Wed-Thurs-Fri 10 am - 5 pm
Weekend Hours: Sat-Sun 10 am - 4 pm

Trails are open dawn until dusk every day, free of charge, and trail maps can be found at the kiosk by the Visitor Center.


Eric Kroot Memorial Art Trail and Tamarack Art Meadow

The “Eric Kroot Memorial Art Trail” is an evolving, ongoing project where campers brainstorm, design and construct a unique art project under the direction of local artists. The trail is located behind the Visitor Center on McLean Road, and is a wonderful highlight for public trail users and those interested in, and inspired by, nature art.

Tamarack Art Meadow, also located behind our Visitor Center, is yet another showcase of nature art. To further illustrate the connection between natural and cultural expression, we erected a commemorative "Totem of Service" sculpture.

Lime Hollow seeks to both connect with and give thanks to the vibrant and active community that supports its mission on a daily, seasonal, and yearly basis. Comprising 5 individual totems, each one a standing pole carved and painted to reflect various groups of individuals, our project is an artistic portrayal of the importance of service and community. These totems are fully visible from anywhere in the Art Meadow, with each pole at a different height to reflect the significance of individual or group involvement.

Individuals who have served on Lime Hollow's Board of Directors, both past and present, have the tallest totem; the second tallest is for current and past staff members. Two more smaller totems, at roughly the same height, creatively depict Camps Gracie and McLean, our two summer day-camp locations for children ages 6 to 9 and 10 to 13, respectively, and the largest source of incoming revenue for the organization. Finally, our smallest totem represents the Knee-High Naturalist program, which exposes area toddlers to nature exploration and appreciation.

Each of these 5 totems represent a core component of Lime Hollow's programming and support; yet none of these features would be possible without active involvement from the Cortland community in one way or another.

Thanks to Paul Speight, of Turtle Dreams Bed and Breakfast, who spearheaded the project, with the help of Tony Ferro, of Frog Pond Art.

Marl Ponds / Interpretive Trail at Chicago Bog Unique Natural Area

The greater Lime Hollow area contains many marl ponds, which vary in size, and other wetland areas including Chicago Bog, Gracie Pond, and nearby Baldwin Pond.

Chicago Bog is a kettle bog, a DEC Class II wetland and one of the few intact bogs in the Finger Lakes Region. The Nature Conservancy deeded 15 acres of woodlands bordering the bog to Lime Hollow in 1993. The bog features prominently in Lime Hollow’s field trip curriculum for school children.

Chicago Bog