Lime Hollow Nature Center
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Welcome to Lime Hollow Nature Center

The Center encompasses nearly 430 acres of beautiful rolling hills and shallow glacial valleys (kame-and-kettle topography), forests, fields, streams, numerous ponds, including many marl ponds and vernal (seasonal) pools, a peat bog, and a great diversity of flora and fauna. Located on the border between Cortland and Tompkins Counties, in beautiful upstate New York, we offer over 12 miles of open-to-the-public, entrance-fee free trails, public nature programs, and adventure day camps for youth.



From My Sit Spot
by Pete Angie

The level of bird song in the air has increased like the length of days—slowly yet noticeably, bringing excitement and pleasure to me and mine. The mornings are especially rich with it, and at my sit spot I close my eyes to hear multiple species calling and singing at once. What an awakening from the icy winter!


Environmental Education Center


We've reached 83% of our goal!Environmental Education Center

Both Lime Hollow and OCM BOCES New Vision Environmental Science program require greater teaching capacity — a shared goal that provides a natural partnership for a new educational facility.

We have reached 83% of our fundraising goal.


Adventure Day Camps


Adventure Day Camps

The entire Lime Hollow staff truly looks forward to each and every day during the summer. Come rain or shine, mosquitoes or deer flies, the excitement we see in the faces and the enthusiasm we hear in the voices of our campers makes us smile.

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July 19, Guided Family Nature Hike: Aquatic Investigation

9 am. A healthy stream is home to many living organisms. Discover the world of hellgrammites and mayflies, crayfish and caddis flies on this fun aquatic survey. Find what's lurking under the rocks of Beaver Brook, while keeping cool during the "dog days" of summer. Please bring close-toed shoes or sneakers that you can wear in the water.


August 13, Snake Night

6-8 pm, 3091 Gracie Road. Join "Dan the Snake Man" for an evening full of snakes, spiders, lizards and more! Listen as Dan captures your attention through stories and live demonstrations. $3 for members, $5 for non-members.

August 16, Guided Family Nature Hike: Marvelous Mucus Learning About the Little-Known World of Land Snails and Slugs

9 am. Come explore the fascinating world of land snails and slugs with Marla Coppolino. Program consists of photos, videos, sounds, and stories. Afterward, venture out for a short walk to see snails in their natural environment. Once you learn about their biology and ecology, you'll understand their importance to our ecosystem and will gain a whole new appreciation for these crawlies.

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